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Located near Lac des Sapins and the center of Cublize, Camping Le Lac des Sapins invites you to stay surrounded by nature, one hour from Lyon. With the largest natural swimming pool in Europe nearby, you can enjoy an exceptional natural setting while benefiting from a family and friendly atmosphere.

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Preserving our environment
Eco-friendly campsite near Lyon

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For us, it is essential to protect the local fauna and flora, so as not to distort and destroy our little corner of paradise, a few steps from the Lac des Sapins and the largest swimming pool natural from Europe.

On a daily basis, we do our part: use of ecological products, waste control, raising awareness of our teams and our campers, etc.

The objective in the coming years is to tend towards “Zero Waste”

Stay connected to know all our next actions, put in place, to achieve our objective as quickly as possible!