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Located near Lac des Sapins and the center of Cublize, Camping Le Lac des Sapins invites you to stay surrounded by nature, one hour from Lyon. With the largest natural swimming pool in Europe nearby, you can enjoy an exceptional natural setting while benefiting from a family and friendly atmosphere.

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Green Beaujolais

A haven of peace
The Beaujolais Vert Geopark

The Beaujolais Vert Geopark is an unmissable place for lovers of nature and geology. Classified by UNESCO, the park is home to a multitude of spectacular landscapes, rock formations and fossils dating back millions of years. Visitors can participate ineducational and fun activities, such as geological hikes, excavation workshops and many other activities. Come discover this unique site and prepare to be amazed by the beauty of nature.

To Thizy-les-Bourgs The Haut-Beaujolais ecomuseum

The ecomuseum of Haut-Beaujolais is a museum dedicated to the history of rural life in the region. It offers an overview of the daily life of the inhabitants of Haut-Beaujolais over the past centuries, highlighting traditions, craftsmanship and local know-how. It’s a must-visit for history and culture lovers.

Breathtaking landscapes Superb walks

The best way to explore the region is to take one of the many walking or hiking trails in the surrounding area or from Camping Le Lac des Sapins. Walks in the great outdoors await you. Depending on your level and your desire to escape, choose the most suitable route.

The City of Lights Lyon

Lyon is a city where history and modernity coexist harmoniously. The city is famous for its gastronomy, its historic districts such as the Vieux Lyon and its traboules, its world-renowned museums such as the Musée des Beaux-Arts and the Musée de la Confluence, as well as for its lively cultural scene. Walk along the banks of the Rhône or the Saône, visit the cathedral of Fourvière and the park of the Tête d 'Or, and discover everything this dynamic city has to offer.

On the banks of the Loire Roanne

Roanne is a dynamic city renowned for its gastronomy with specialties such as andouillettes and pralines. Roanne also offers many green spaces, such as the Parc des Promenades and the Jardin d'Allard, as well as interesting museums such as the Musée of Fine Arts and Archeology Joseph-Déchelette and the Musée du Chapeau. The banks of the Loire offer pleasant activities such as boat trips or picnics.

Wine tourism The Beaujolais vines

Camping Lac des Sapins is located in the heart of the Beaujolais Vert wine region. Wine lovers will be able to discover the numerous wine farms near the campsite and taste the famous Beaujolais wines. A few kilometers away is the Hameau Duboeuf, an oenological museum that will delight young and old alike. Holidays at Camping Le Lac des Sapins are an opportunity to discover the wine and tourist heritage of the region.